descriptif meca


MicroElectronics Cloud Alliance...

... brings together 18 partners including Higher Education Institutions (HEI), and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) from nine European countries to develop a Cloud-based European infrastructure for education in mi-croelectronics providing a range of Open Educational Re-sources (OER), remote access to educational, professional software tools and practice-based learning facilities.


Analysing the needs of institutional teachers and students in shared IT infrastructure for teaching materials and learning resources.
Networking of project partners to share ideas, method-ologies and experiences to improve HE programmes and to develop job-specific training modules.
Development of mClouds system and realization of a shared server infrastructure, shared e-learning resources and the remote access to the CAD tools.
Implementation of jointly developed cloud-based OERs in microelectronics in the partners’ educational contexts.

CONTACT :       Project Coordinator:
                           Slavka Tzanova

                          System Officer:
                           Rossen Radonov

Présentation : Raphaël CABAL, CEA Engineer - R&D - Solar Cells

The following course falls into 4 parts, corresponding to 4 videos, each video lasting about 10 minutes